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Dear Friend,

My name is Yetti Chiu. 

I am not Yeti. Yeti with single T is the legendary abominable snowman living in Himalayas. I am Yetti.


From what I've observed, the Main Challenges faced by Affiliates are:

  • How to find good affiliate programs.
  • How to avoid the "affiliate mistakes".
  • How to promote or pre-sell your affiliate programs.
  • How to get your visitors purchase through your affiliate links!


I have read a lot of books about Internet marketing written by pros like Terry Dean, Jimmy D. Brown, Marlon Sanders, Yanik Silver and more. I have learned from them the simple system below:

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For the curious, I am a qualified accountant and have a MBA degree. After over 10 years of working as an accountant, I am tired of office politics and the long working hours. I would like to make a change and have more time with my husband ...

I have been on the Internet for a few years in that time I have discovered several easy to use formulas to make money from my home based business.

Internet is open to the whole worldwide market 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So you make easy money with your web site while you sleep!

I wish you all success!es in your
online business!

es in your
online business!

To your success,

Yetti Chiu






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