How to Choose Advertiser Affiliate Programs?

By: Yetti Chiu


What factors should you consider when choosing advertiser affiliate programs? The key is to ensure that the advertiser affiliate programs offer products that meet the needs of your potential customers. In general, the products you choose should:

  • be excellent in quality and customer service
  • fit the theme of your site
  • be something you really like and believe in
  • be complementary with each other
  • from a solid merchant

Here are some factors for you to evaluate advertiser affiliate programs:

1. Pick advertiser affiliate programs run by reputable companies

You should pick advertiser affiliate programs run by reputable merchants. These days it's so easy for everyone to start their own advertiser affiliate programs, even though they do not have the resources to run them properly. You should avoid these advertiser affiliate programs as they may not pay you as promised.

Here are some solid companies offering high quality advertiser affiliate programs that you can trust. Browse through these merchants and sign up with the ones appropriate for your site:

  • : has products that fit with any web site (books, CDs, videos, DVDs, computer games, free electronic greeting cards and etc.).

2. Look for advertiser affiliate programs which offer high quality product or service

Remember, it's your reputation that is on the line every time you refer people to buy through your affiliate relationship. So don't recommend poor products or services.

The better the product or service, the more enthusiastic you will be on recommending it. So, you'll have a better chance that people will buy from you.

3. Seek advertiser affiliate programs which pay good commissions

If you join a program that pays only 1 cent per click , you will need a lot of click-through to earn any income. However, if you find a advertiser affiliate program that offers much more, you have a greater chance to earn money with your web site even though your site has light traffic at the moment. So look for advertiser affiliate programs that reward you generously.

Yes, high commissions alone are no use if your visitors don't buy from your site. As long as you choose products or services which match the overall theme of your site, it make sense to test and find out what interests your audiences.

4. Seek advertiser affiliate programs which have sites that can SELL

It's not enough for having a good product and a high commission. You also need good salesmanship. Therefore, you should choose a merchant who has a good site that sells effectively.

5.Look for companies which help and support affiliates

You should look for merchants which work hard to help their affiliates succeed:

  • issue high quality newsletter that educates and trains affiliates
  • provide extensive online information
  • provide useful marketing assistance such as traffic building and sales-getting tools
  • offer e-mail helpdesk so as to provides excellent advices to affiliates
  • provide accurate tracking of results, detailed traffic and linking statistics
  • notify by e-mail when a sale is made
  • offer affiliate discount on buying products


6.Aim for advertiser affiliate programs which pay residual commissions

Join advertiser affiliate programs which pay residual commissions from your referred customers. As long as the customers continue to use the products or the services provided by the merchants, you'll still get paid.

For examples, you can earn monthly web hosting fees or auto responder fees from the following merchant:

  • AWeber : is an advanced feature-packed auto responder, and pays 10% residual commissions on all fees your referrals pay.

7.Look for advertiser affiliate programs which pay lifetime commissions

With most advertiser affiliate programs, the affiliate earns a commission on only the first purchase by the customer. However, a few advertiser affiliate programs pay lifetime commissions and you'll get paid on all future sales of other products to customers that you refer. This is a huge plus.

8.Look for advertiser affiliate programs which track lifetime cookie

If you send people to buy a particular product through your site, they may not buy at the first visit. They may click around, delay a decision and return later. You may not earn anything from that purchase unless the merchant set cookie for a certain period of time. The lifetime cookie is the best as it tracks the first visit and will not be expired.


The advertiser affiliate programs you choose should be Free to Join and no need to buy the products. It's great if the programs limits the number of affiliates, you won't find many of these. If you do, grab it.

If the advertiser affiliate programs are two-tier, that is, you earn commissions on affiliates who join because of you , this is good. However, don't depend too much on your referrals on generating a decent income to you as many affiliates fail to sell. It's up to YOU to earn the income you want.

Also, you should compare various advertiser affiliate programs and their respective commission structures. Check the frequency of payment and the minimum amount you must accumulate before receiving payment to see whether the programs are reasonable.

If you haven't read our article on Web Master Affiliate Programs -- Earn Money Now ... and More Money Later! , go to that page now. You'll know exactly how advertiser affiliate programs work and where you can find the best advertiser affiliate programs to earn money immediately.


To your success,

Yetti Chiu

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